Daisy Stone has been trying for what seems like forever to get her stepbrother’s attention. She flaunts her stuff and he still can’t take his eyes off of his phone. It looks like she’s going to have to get his attention a different way. Daisy comes up with the perfect ploy when she asks him to put some lotion on her ass. What’s so weird about that? She doesn’t want to get burned. Sure, she’s his stepsister and all. But, there’s nothing really weird about needing a little help putting on suntan lotion. Things do get a little weird when she starts to suck on his cock. That’s the moment he realizes that she’s more than just a stepsister. They have sex right out there near the pool and neither of them seem concerned about their parents finding out. If either of them ever do find out, she’ll cut off his dick. It looks like he has quite an incentive to keep his mouth shut about all that just went down.